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Francesca @mftrhu

I get being critical of how immigration is handled, but I draw the line somewhere before "can't see black people at night, it's dangerous".

Really, really fucking tired of people right now. And if I'm already so misanthropic what will be in another decade or two?

"...lest I deem everything you said wrong because you refused to give me remedial lessons in e v e r y t h i n g." (3/3)

"...give me proof re: every single statement, no matter how insignificant or well-known & accepted in the field being discussed,... " (2/3?)

"Hey, lemme argue about what doesn't affect me, that I know nothing about, without doing any research at all, yet demanding you..." (1/3?)

What would having a group of people loiter nearby asking each other what gender you are and commenting on what you do count as? Except shit.

And I believe my OpenSUSE experiment failed, so it'll be back to Debian in a while. As soon as I deal with my browser tabs. Any day now.

Well, today Dhejne's AMA was fun. Props to the /r/science mods for being able to keep it civil despite the usual for this topic.

Second face death ray session, done. Pain never felt so good.

Aaaaand somehow I can't mention my other account?

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Saw the reddit frontpage

>The Italian government

Oh the fuck did we do now

>... has approved a law ordering parents to vaccinate children or face fines.

Well. Nice.

Looks like the Android Keybase app isn't supporting the KBFS just yet - also can't test it on account of phone being an 8 GB potato. Anxiously waiting for this.

Timeline looks broken, instances are missing. We need to look into this @denvit @peeps.

I guess it's Mother's Day in Italy too, and I was under the impression it was the 8th of May until I looked on Wikipedia. 2nd Sunday of May, apparently.

Can't everyone agree on what day to celebrate people who had babies play peek-a-boo in their vagina?

People sitting near me to peek at the screen of my computer. Fuck those.

@blackdev1l pronouns, motherfucker, do you speak them?!

@denvit I need to know what your public key really is even if I'm never going to interact with you

@hex75 pls no can't we have nice songs that make sense for once?

Oh hey I just noticed Keybase uses they/their pronouns for their users. :D