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Nazis are poop

Poop stinks, is eww and full of electrolytes, which the plants crave


Waaaaait, Trump is *seriously* calling Kim Jong-Un "Rocket Man"? I thought that was just a meme, FFS .-.

POTUS is a bloody child, goddammit

*runs code in Jupyter notebook*
*repeat without changing anything*
No error


We need more skull-decorated chairs. With eye lasers and teeth chattering a litany of horror, 'cuz techno-necromancy is always cool.

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Qualcuno dica a Salvini che i giudici non sono entrati a rubare, possono fare più cose alla volta, e che già sequestrano i conti della mafia

Just discovered, 3rd party interface to PubMed. Also allows for easy export of the data to BibTeX if anyone cares.

Configuration files over 1k lines long frankly scare me, framework or not

PSA: if you are still using Comic Sans (and not for children's stuff/maybe as a dyslexia font), stop, and consider

Uh, I see new people following me. Should I worry?

Also I could have sworn I wasn't *this* pale 🤔

> *looks in the mirror*
> Heyyy, I'm pretty cute today!

It's both surprising and confusing, albeit nice. I hated them and my reflection.

/r/freehelicopterrides & more subs/accounts/sites overtaken/banned. Don't you just love it when Nazis get no-platform'd? 😁

Android 8 is already out and I got up to 6 just yesterday. By accident.


TFW my Android crapped itself out, was slowing down to a crawl, rebooting randomly, and went through 90% of its battery in four hours overheating all the time.

Reset it - no idea what happened, at all - and now I have to install back all my old crap.

I get being critical of how immigration is handled, but I draw the line somewhere before "can't see black people at night, it's dangerous".

Really, really fucking tired of people right now. And if I'm already so misanthropic what will be in another decade or two?

"...lest I deem everything you said wrong because you refused to give me remedial lessons in e v e r y t h i n g." (3/3)