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eang @eang@mastodonti.co

Passano gli anni e ancora non riesco a comprendere i risvoltini d'inverno.

So, all Intel CPUs are affected by the Meltdown attack and it looks like this allows fucking Javascript to read kernel memory. This is so fucked up.

Oh, and if you patch your kernel your CPU will likely perform worse. :D

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This small patch, to the Linux Kernel, is the most epic burn on Intel by AMD.

Paraphrased in English:
"If the CPU isn't AMD, assume it's not secure."

I'm late but... happy new year Mastodons!

Sono da 3 giorni a Chioggia ma ho sentito solo una bestemmia finora. Veneti, mi state deludendo :D

Lol @ the root bug in the Macs. Apple really fucked up.

Imbarazzante il sito web di Italo. Ho provato a creare un account per mezzora, senza successo.

Downloading Shadow Warrior right now, hopefully that will be more fun.

Finally a free afternoon for playing some games in my steam list. Tried out The Witcher 2 and... sooo boring. Quick Time Events, seriously? I thought this was supposed to be a great game.

I broke pacman (the package manager, not the videogame), but then I managed to fix it. Alone! I'm proud of myself \o/

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Private Internet Access (PIA) becomes a KDE patron.

Private Internet Access provides VPN services specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels. Those tunnels create several layers of privacy and security for a more effective safety for users on the Internet.

Private Internet Access pledges to support the work of KDE e.V. both with donations and other resources through the corporate membership program.


Trying out Firefox 57 beta. Sooo much faster, just wow.

@ilpianista It looks like patching clients (laptop/smartphones) might be enough. Well, excluding all the Android smartphones out of support, of course :D

KDE file picker in is not dead! Eventually it will be ported to KF5.

mastodonti.co/media/fhcxybiXR2 Another KDE contributor, Jos Van den Oever, talking about the ODF format.